Here We Go Again

I haven't written a blog post here in years. Four and a half, to be exact, which is right around the time I stopped freelancing and started working on Baron Fig.

Originally this site was intended to be a way for me to get new clients. Hence posts like "On Choosing a Designer" and "The Design Process." Once I moved on there wasn't much of a reason to update. 

Now I find myself in a completely different place in my life: Baron Fig has a full team and serves over 60 countries, I live in Hell's Kitchen NYC with my fiancée, and my days aren't solely filled with design anymore, to name a few. Despite the changes, one thing has stayed constant: Writing.

Since my college days I've been committed to a daily habit structure to make sure I put my energy in the right place. Over time my focus has changed—I don't Draw daily like I used to, for example—but Writing has never left my short list. Different projects have allowed me to write on a daily basis, mostly Baron Fig, but often journaling, poetry, and even the occasional short story. Now I'm going to give a shot at maintaining a regular blog, inspired by my conversations with fellow designer, Khoi Vinh.

The Hypothetical New Focus

Yeah, I know—it sounds like I'm already hedging my bet, calling it "Hypothetical" right off the bat. Does that mean I'll drop off after a few posts? Or does it mean that I'll change subject matter and never look back? Hell if I know. 

Here's what I'm going to attempt to do: 

First, I'm going to aim for one post a week. Short, long, whatever—I just want to publish something in the beginning. If there's anything I've learned about habits, it's that when forming one it's far more important that I show up rather than make a masterpiece.

Second, I'm going to write about Creativity, Productivity, Design, and Culture. The rule of three says I have one keyword too many, and it's probably correct. Right off the bat "Culture" lets me share the things I enjoy, like movies, video games, and books. That leaves the other three to battle it out. I'm not a "Designer's designer," but I am a designer, so it seems like Design should stay. I could go on, but you get the point. Only time will tell.

If you want to read my posts as they come, subscribe to stay updated. I won't spam. Hell, I might not even make it past this post.