February's Games Played

The majority of my game playing nowadays is done on my Nintendo Switch. Up until a month ago I had an Xbox, but it was collecting dust so I gave it to someone who would put it to use. Living in New York City makes the Switch’s portability a no-brainer. I can play on the train, at the studio in the morning, or even at a coffee shop while I wait for someone to show up.

Here’s what I’ve been playing recently:



I wish I could forget everything about this game and play it all over again with fresh eyes. The whole journey was a treat. You can read my full review here.

Play if you like: Super Meat Boy, End Is Nigh, N++


Axiom Verge


So much to say about this one. I’m close to the end, hopefully I’ll wrap it up soon and do a proper review. It’s an indie metroidvania created and developed by a single person. Yes, the entire game. It’s as impressive as it sounds. Still images do not do the game justice.

Play if you like: Super Meat Boy, End Is Nigh, N++


Bayonetta 2


A re-release of a Nintendo Wii U game that didn’t get a lot of exposure because the system didn’t sell well (the Switch has sold more in 12 months than the Wii U did in its entire lifespan). Bayonetta 2 is a hack n’ slash acid trip through a universe heavily influenced by Dante’s Inferno. You play an anti-heroine witch from below fighting the minions of the light above. It’s wild.

Play if you like: Devil May Cry, Nier: Automata, Bayonetta 1


Enter the Gungeon

A roguelike twin stick indie shooter. You choose one of a handful of characters and see how many levels deep you can get in a procedurally generated dungeon. Lots of humor, great art direction; still haven’t gotten all the way through.

Play if you like: Binding of Isaac, Neon Chrome, Geometry Wars


Xenoblade Chronicles II

A role playing game (RPG) straight out of Japan (aka JRPG), it’s a story about a kid who inherits the responsibility of saving the world. The battle system is MMO style (aka. Massive Multiplayer Online game where you auto-attack and choose your specials), and the art direction is straight up anime.

Play if you like: RPGs & Anime


Super Meatboy


An old Indie game in the same vein as Celeste. It was originally released in 2010, and its age shows. It reminds me of the old flash games you could play on Newgrounds. As a matter of fact, I think that might be how it originated. Don’t quote me on that. It’s a good game; I tried it just to see why the game was mentioned so often in conversations about Celeste. 

Play if you like: Old school hard-as-nails Flash games